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Artist Way Experiential

The 13 week course that began in early January finished this Monday with smiles and congratulations for the  creative progress that the exercises, thoughtful reading, writing, and playful art material exploration provides. My studio-mate Maris Gilbert and I have taken the proven exercises and reading of Julia Cameron’s ” The Artist’s Way” and added hands-on art material exploration to each of the 12 chapter sessions. I had a  Monday class, Maris had a Saturday class, those ended this week. Our joint Weds. AW Goal class continues for 3 more weeks.

Take Flight
Take Flight!

We painted, stamped, wrapped, wove, built, wrote, did collage, talked about what keeps us stuck

and what let us move, supported each other, and made an artist date each week to go do something we love to do. All while (mostly) writing morning pages everyday to free ourselves from mind clutter and let ourselves know what we think.  These classes were full of dynamic creative women and men who gave as much as they received it was a joy to spend the winter with them.  Happy Creative Spring!

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to try the Artist’s Way process laid out in Julia Cameron’s book send me a note and I’ll let you know when the next sessions start.

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River of thread

I am working to finish pieces for the American Craft Council show in St Paul next weekend.  I have been pulling out fabrics that I have a step or two already applied to them. I had 2 versions of Summer River on two different green felt squares. I had painted in blue where the river will be and stamped the surface with 3 leaf stamps I’ve made. I also had like 50 leaves from those stamps on papers

Summer River
Summer River

cut out and ready with fuse-able web on them ready to be set in place with heat. I picked several green, blue, and green gold threads to use to add “flow” to the river part. When you add acrylic paint to felt it’s a rough surface and not very water like. So here’s the thing I noticed tonight as I sewed, there was a moment after adding several layers of threads that the water appeared. The kind of raspy blue surface flowed with the lines of threads. I’ve done it before so I knew it would happen but this time I noticed the change from thread line to waterline. I had a river, so I needed a leafy shore and moved to the process of the placing the leaves. I try to be random while being intentional.

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Process proceeds

Time to move from observer of gravity and fluid motion to purposeful choice and emphasis. The initial cloths have been painted each has it’s particular curve of light and deeper hues. For me it’s water and it is for me to show you the viewer the water I see. Because this piece is for a particular place I have chosen the materials: the colors of the threads, the papers, and the additional fabrics. Now it is time to look and choose.  Layers on teasing out what looks right. What supports the whole what will make it look right. Right comes through my eye, knowing when to say” yes, that”  or ” no”.