Artist’s Way Experiential

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Artist’s Way Experiential

12 weeks to establish a sense of play and a creative practice


The class is based on Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. We ask you to read a chapter and engage as many exercises as possible each week. The Studio class begins with a visual check in followed by a discussion of the week’s readings. The last portion of the evening is spent as a hands on art materials experiential tied to the week’s topic.


Each class participant is responsible for acquiring a copy of “The Artist’s Way” All other materials will be provided in the class room/studio.

We will collage, draw, write, wrap, build, deconstruct, and reconfigure, use printmaking techniques, painting techniques, and more. This spring we will also plant seeds!

Deborah Foutch is an actively practicing artist and will lead you through an exploration of techniques and concrete projects that will leave you with several finished art pieces and the curiosity about material exploration to carry into your creative future.

FEE $275 for 12 week course.

Cash, checks & credit cards accepted, contact Deborah to arrange payment

Deborah Foutch   612-730-4281