Client Gifts

As business people, we all know that a satisfied customer is our best referral source, but I believe we should not stop at that. Someone recently told me “a satisfied customer is not enough and that the best customer is one who bangs our drum for us”. And what a better way than to thank them for their confidence in us than a gift that reflects who we are and our place in this world. These gifts of nature will always be present in your client’s homes and be a constant reminder of the excellent service you have provided. The usual gifts of food, wine or a house plant will soon be consumed and or forgotten. 

Art prints framed and boxed or bagged

As a local artist, my subjects are indigenous flora and fauna.  I can offer you a gift that connects with your client and is long lasting. A small charming piece of art, hung in their new house, keeps the good experience of working with you in the room with them.   

Winter Berries

Because the images are of local features it makes for a strong connection. That was Kerry McCabe’s experience:  “Today I gave my first closing gift of your work. I helped my clients sell their very first home to a new family. When they opened up the print of the snow covered branches with berries they both gasped and said that it looked just like the tree outside their front bay window. It was a wonderful moment.” 

A wonderful moment that will last when they hang the professionally framed art in their new home. In addition, you will have the convenience of buying a boxed or bagged gift that comes with a card, no more multiple stops for gift, bag, and card.  

Female Cardinal