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Earth Day

elements of nature

Earth Day 2017’s Campaign is Environmental & Climate Literacy
“Education is the foundation for progress.
We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire 
action in defense of environmental protection.” 
When I go to places I find beautiful
I want to know more!
about the water,
about the soil,
about the plants,
about the birds and animals that inhabit it.
The more we know the more we care.
I hope you’ll join me on April 22 when I share what I’ve found. While visiting the Carlos Avery Wildlife refuge this fall & winter. 

Earth Day Show

This will be my 3rd Earth Day show at the Gallery.
I began doing them as a way to link the art that expresses the beauty
I find in nature with the beauty I find in the systems that are the engines of nature.
These are explored and expressed by scientists, artists, and by activists.

Earth Day April 22  5-9 pm 
New Fiber Art By Deborah Foutch 

Opens at Casket Ats Carriage House
3rd Floor Gallery 
1720 Madison ST NE 
Minneapolis MN 55413