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Surfaces that speak of the Earth.

fiber and paper creating
Surfaces that speak of the earth, my art is made of layers.



Each layer a surface I have created.
I use water, pigments, & fluid dynamics.
The weave of the cloth, the tooth of the paper, each accepts, or resists,
shaping the marks.
Compression, heat, evaporation, & chemistry, make their impressions.
My art is made of surfaces invoked by process,
then composed in layers by an attentive eye.
To show you what I see: Earth.
Her systems make beautiful change on her surfaces daily.
Just look. 

I share my experience with process and creating in two classes I teach each winter.  Jump here  right now to get the details! They start next week! 


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Celebrate light in the restful dark of winter.

The green world has gone quiet or moved indoors in our northern home.

Sun hiding in the plants
Sun hiding in the plants

It felt like the green world left us really suddenly in early November this year. I feel like this calls for ART! Please let me show you what I know about the joys of the green, gold, dancing in the sunlight world. Maybe there is a bit of sunny day,  liquid water, and light dancing in the grasses you’d like to stand in front of …  If you stop by my studio you will find bits of it all over my walls.

Summer  Grass Dancing
Summer Grass Dancing

Come celebrate

light in the restful dark of winter.

Thurs. Dec 4 2014 5-9 pm

#303 Casket Arts Carriage House

mixed media fiber drawing 6 x 10 on paper embellished with fabrics




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Space to create

Cross to your creative side

“Creative energy is energy. When we are worrying about creating instead of actually creating, we are wasting our creative energy.” Julia Cameron

In 3 weeks take the opportunity to step away from worrying about creativity and start a creative practice with the support of fellow creatives. Join the structured class that uses Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” exercises to examine the patterns that keep you from expressing your creativity and then just play with a great variety of art materials.

Julia’s book contains the quote “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.“  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Taking the Artist’s Way Experiential can be that beginning. I hope to see you Sept 10 & 12 at the Carriage House.

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Shake Up

Every now and then I turn my house and studio upside down and inside out. The stuff that accumulates if you have a magpie mind and mixed media tendencies can leave an artist either gleeful to have an abundant set of choices or stuck in a morass that has buried what could delight your artist’s eye. In Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s way she says,  People frequently believe the creative life is grounded in fantasy. The more difficult truth is that creativity is grounded in reality, in the particular, the focused, the well observed or the specifically imagined.” There is a specificity to creation. For me that requires both abundance and order. I prefer to spend my energy composing rather than searching. It’s hard to find the “yes” you’re looking for in a pile of anything. So sorting many things this week and disposing of dross.

The word dross comes from a word in Middle High German (German spoken between 1050 -1350, hows that for specificity) that means husks. Exactly!

Husks by MAy Yang

Shovel out the husks, keep the kernels.


That’s what this week is about.

Getting ready for Artist’s Way workshops in Sept.