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Surfaces that speak of the Earth.

fiber and paper creating
Surfaces that speak of the earth, my art is made of layers.



Each layer a surface I have created.
I use water, pigments, & fluid dynamics.
The weave of the cloth, the tooth of the paper, each accepts, or resists,
shaping the marks.
Compression, heat, evaporation, & chemistry, make their impressions.
My art is made of surfaces invoked by process,
then composed in layers by an attentive eye.
To show you what I see: Earth.
Her systems make beautiful change on her surfaces daily.
Just look. 

I share my experience with process and creating in two classes I teach each winter.  Jump here  right now to get the details! They start next week! 


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The Right Combination

We live in the midst of beautiful interconnected systems, both in the sunlight world and underground. I love finding the right combination of materials to express that beauty with some understanding.  I was interviewed by Brian DeVore for the Land Stewardship Project news letter and podcast here’s the interview: look for Ear to the Ground 185 Soil Art


My sense of line, light, and space is deeply informed by the natural world. In my most recent work I am trying to remain faithful to the scientific truth of the systems I’m exploring visually.
Experience as an expressive artist plus some basic earth science lets me compose layered art pieces that have both a visual and emotional resonance.