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January into February

In the new year I sit at the window                              

 studio #303

of my warm studio looking at
a cold dessert in a built landscape.
The plants where I live have died back
or gone dormant.
It’s a waiting time.

It’s that quiet space in my year
when the new work shows up.

I gather my materials, my sketches, my photos of the green world. I add to them my curiosity, my concerns, my feelings, my itch to make something of all this.  


I pile them all on my big white tables, piles of texture, piles of color, drifts of ideas. Then add the threads, my continuity. The new work is tied to the old work, always by love of place. And, love of a sort of dancing line and the light, light, light, always present in my world.
I am always looking for a fresh way to express it in my work.






 The finding begins, & images emerge.








There more is to come. I am building a show to open on Earth Day April 22 @ the Carriage House 3rd floor gallery in NE Minneapolis. The show opens on the same day as the Scientists March on Washington. The images that are perking up are from my autumn visit to the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area near Forest Lake. A place where science & nature meet to understand and preserve our environment.  I begin again in the cycle of my creative year. 


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I am finishing my new work for the show that opens March 23 at Plymouth Congregational’s Art Gallery.  In this 1st week of March of the snow packed bitter cold, summer  just seems like a dream, so I am leaning into Autumn for many of my images. I did the drawing portion of these pieces after a drive through Southern MN in November before the snows. The Landscape danced with gold grasses then. I’ve layered fiber and papers on to the oil pastel drawings to engender the textures that shimmied in the gold light at the edges of autumn days.

Please Come to the preview of this work at the 1st Thurs. Open Studio Event March 5 , 5-9 pm at the Casket Arts Carriage House #303 1720 Madison street NE Minneapolis MN

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Where it comes from.

There is an open studio coming on Nov. 2, 3, and 4 (see hours and other details on events page) to my studio in the Casket Arts Carriage House and the # one question I will I get from folks popping into the studio distills to: “Where does the art come from?”  This is a particularly good time of year to answer the question, it is so on display. The light hitting the gold, red, and russet leaves, the grass that looks like it has a fiber optic line running through it to make it glow, the branches showing off the elegant architecture of trees…. all are on full display. The world is made up of light and line and color and texture humming… I am beautiful…..

Mary Oliver says it this way
“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. “
The only thing I’d change about that statement is ” Instructions for living a creative life. ”

The way I ” tell about it” is to layer fabric, paint, thread, sticks, stones, beads, clay,…well, any thing that strikes my eye as right and I can get to stay put in a stable way, I layer all these things into something that translates something from that humming energy…

Autumn Grasses
Autumn Grasses