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Surfaces that speak of the Earth.

fiber and paper creating
Surfaces that speak of the earth, my art is made of layers.



Each layer a surface I have created.
I use water, pigments, & fluid dynamics.
The weave of the cloth, the tooth of the paper, each accepts, or resists,
shaping the marks.
Compression, heat, evaporation, & chemistry, make their impressions.
My art is made of surfaces invoked by process,
then composed in layers by an attentive eye.
To show you what I see: Earth.
Her systems make beautiful change on her surfaces daily.
Just look. 

I share my experience with process and creating in two classes I teach each winter.  Jump here  right now to get the details! They start next week! 


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I am finishing my new work for the show that opens March 23 at Plymouth Congregational’s Art Gallery.¬† In this 1st week of March of the snow packed bitter cold, summer¬† just seems like a dream, so I am leaning into Autumn for many of my images. I did the drawing portion of these pieces after a drive through Southern MN in November before the snows. The Landscape danced with gold grasses then. I’ve layered fiber and papers on to the oil pastel drawings to engender the textures that shimmied in the gold light at the edges of autumn days.

Please Come to the preview of this work at the 1st Thurs. Open Studio Event March 5 , 5-9 pm at the Casket Arts Carriage House #303 1720 Madison street NE Minneapolis MN