Connect with Possibility

Exploratory art classes for Practicing artists and New Creatives.

Are you a creative person who traded the creative dreams of your youth for more "practical" pursuits? Do you feel called to nourish your spirit with art and play, but aren't sure how to begin? Maybe you’re a practicing artist craving the energy of creating in a group setting or looking to break out of a creative drought?

Come and learn new techniques. Experiment with a variety of materials in a safe and supportive environment. Join a community of like-minded people each walking their own creative path. Reestablish your creative practice with one of Deborah's art classes. Held in her Northeast Minneapolis art studio, Deborah will help you connect with your creative spark.


Artist’s Way Experiential 2019

An 8-week hands-on exploration of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way



Mixed media sculpture class.


A mixed media art class exploring the artistic possibilities of heat, water and the rusting process.

Layering on Paper

Explore paper, collage, stencils and layers in this 1-day class.

Surface Design 1

Create unique fabric layers to use in the creation of a piece of fiber art.

Surface Design 2

Use the unique fiber layers created in Surface Design 1 to create a unique piece of fiber art.