Creative Winter

Nine years ago I had come to the creative end of a body of work and was a little lost creatively. That winter I and 3 other friends, a writer, a visual artist, a performance artist, and myself worked through the then-decade-old book, Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

the book

It moved my process to the extent that I wanted to share what I received.  What worked for me was adding an exploration of new materials along with the exercises from the book the group was reading and discussing.  This created what I found to be a sort of magic triad:  a trusted group, thinking and discussion, and DOING art.

Artists at the table

Maris Gilbert, a fabulous artist, and experienced teacher helped me craft a class using those three things, and we watched it open and change people! In the following years, I have added my experience from my long and varied art practice to continue to craft a joyful and useful exploration of creativity, the class that starts in January and ends in early April. Come hear about it next week, Monday, Jan. 8 6-8 pm then consider signing up and joining the creative table that forms every winter in my NE Minneapolis studio. studio 303 1720 Madison Street NE Minneapolis MN 55413

Come try many things…..

The class is usually 6 – 8 people. Participants are asked to have read a chapter each week. Upon arrival, you will take 10 or 15 quiet minutes to do a check-in page using paper and collage materials as well as markers and other media. This can be anything: words, pictures, drawings, or just poke holes in the paper if that what it feels like that week. These will be kept each week for a project later on. This is followed by a verbal check-in, and then a discussion led by Deborah about the week’s reading and some of the exercises. The last hour is for playing with art materials in a way that feels related to that week’s reading. We use print-making techniques, collage, sticks, and stones, words, collected images and photos you bring. In week 11, we will create a way to keep the check-in pages as a record of the progression. There is enough structure to ensure time to play with art materials as well as exploring the valuable exercises the book lays out. The expectation is that you would read between each class and try some of the suggested exercises on your own, and be willing to discuss some of your reactions to them. I look forward to seeing you next week! Deborah Foutch questions? 612-730-4281 sign up

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