Change that supports progress...and Art A Whirl dates

Studio #303 of Casket Art Carriage House, has been home to my art practice since 2007. It is my making space, teaching and mentoring space, and a space I’ve shared with other artists. This long winter left time for reflection on how the space is used and what needed more room and light and needed to go. 2 purges and a rearrangement has left a light filled space that accomidates the work I do while sharing with Laura and now Maggie. At the end of last year I felt excited by the direction my art practice was leading me to… connections to environment, to story telling, to teaching, and in mentoring. Then I felt somewhat frustrated by the juggling it took to get to the work and realized sometimes you have to stop and get clear and clear out what’s in the way!

I look forward to showing you my art work about Soil and Water and stories of change to the place that is now Minneapolis in the refreshed recommited space that is my studio.

Join me for Art A Whirl open studio event in studio #303 1720 Madison Street NE 55413
Friday May 17, 5-10 pm
Saturday May 18, 12-8pm
Sunday May 19, 12-5 pm

class collage .jpg