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 Deborah Foutch, studio artist and teacher

My studio in Casket Arts Carriage house is a place I both explore new work and share my knowledge.

My long-time art practice includes teaching the techniques I’ve explored in my artwork and mentoring transitioning artists through my studio in NE Minneapolis. Please look at my offerings on the class page

Studio 303 Casket Arts Carriage House. My current work explores Earth’s beautifully complex systems of soil, water, light, and air. History and geology and plant biology are contained in my layered expressions of Earth’s dynamic changes.

Artist Bio

          Deborah Foutch is an artist who works in multiple layers of materials and meaning to express her vision of the natural world. In art school she went from painter to quilt maker to mixed media fiber artist because the richness of combined materials came closest to the world she wanted to express.

After graduating with degrees in art and history she moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota to pursue her art career.

Deborah has shown her work nationally in galleries and festivals for the past 40 years. The discipline of the show deadlines, combined with the joy of playing with different materials keeps her work fresh and skills evolving. Her current work includes fiber and mixed media wall pieces and oil pastel drawings. All are executed with rich layers of materials, techniques and meaning. Her landscapes
are constructed by a combination of painting and quilting techniques with mixed media embellishments
such as rusting, burning & adding found objects.