The light that gilds the trees…

4 O’Clock Trees

This light found me while I was impatiently waiting for a stop light to change, dreading the fact that the sky would be dark by 5 pm. I was stopped high on a steep street, grumpily waiting to proceed, when the gold light that lurks at the edge of day hit the treetops, rolling away from me to the eastern horizon. A sea of grey branches became a haze of copper and gold. The trees near me glowed. I rolled on in wonder at the beauty.

My gift to you is to retell this moment with silk threads on painted canvas. I call them 4 O’Clock Trees. They are a reminder to be awake to the beauty of change. I am making small versions of this popular image again this season. Each one is uniquely composed of silk stitching that draws the branches onto painted canvas. Most are $40 or less and ready to hang as a small banner anywhere you need a reminder of light. You can find them at the studio starting on Dec. 7th  1st Thurs. event 5-9


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