surface design
Series 1

mixed media Fiber Art

Mixed media fiber art is composed of layers of fabrics and papers that are altered by many processes. In this 3-week class, you will create the altered materials needed for the layers in the piece created in Surface Design Series 2.

Week 1: We will explore the process of using rusty objects in art and making the rust marks transfer to fabrics and papers. This process needs time, so our efforts on week one will be harvested the following week.

Week 2: We will unveil the rust prints we created in Week 1, use a wet-on-wet color mixing technique to create unique papers and fabrics, and set up poured paint layers using cotton, papers, organza, and canvas. Additionally, we’ll use sticks and stones and weights to alter how the the pigment pools in the pain on each layer. These projects need to dry and will be harvested the next week.

Week 3: We will harvest the dried paint and rusted layers we created in previous weeks, look at the marks made by the processes we explored, and explore adhesives that we can use to make our creations into multilayered art pieces.


September 14-October 4, 2019


10 AM-1 PM


$150. All materials provided.