Art in Motion

by Deborah on April 27, 2016

Soil Horizon

Soil Horizon

This work in heading to it’s new home in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
I began my rooted pieces a while back when my father died.
The more I do them the richer they get,
both visually and contextually.
The roots are doing more than just holding the soil.
They are moving water, they are filtering water
they are communicating with other plants.
We are standing on beautiful complexity.

What a joy to express my gratitude for that.

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40 for 40

by Deborah on March 6, 2016

Process of Change

Process of Change

The art that I create is built on multiple layers; of materials, of processes, of meaning.

It’s an exploration of what I’m currently in love with; the theme of big changes on the Earth, expressed in the mediums I continue to adore: fiber mixed with paint and stitch.

I call these pieces Maps of Change.

I am having a 40th Art Anniversary party at the studio On March 12 6-9 pm I hope you’ll join me.

This show is a celebration of doing my work but also a thank you for your support. I am grateful that people continue to be interested as I move through themes and techniques and stories.
Fully 1/2 of the 40 pieces I have created since the new year for this show (with materials I created in the last couple of years ) will be small framed pieces for $40 or less.


Shoreline 3″ x 4″ rusted organza, painted linen, found frame.

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Map of Change

by Deborah on February 1, 2016

abstracts water and fire

Water and Fire shaped the world.

I am having a marvelous time cutting, burning, and layering fabrics and papers I have rusted, painted, and mono printed into my “maps”. I am  reading about early earth: volcanoes, asteroids, millions of years of rain create the canvas for wind, water, fire, and ultimately light to shape our earth.  I just read an article that says early earth with life was purple and blue read here about the light and evolution. My artist’s eye wants to see the purple and the green take shape. Here are some abstracts of me mapping change. The earth is a miracle.

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Water/Soil/ Light: Beautiful Life

by Deborah on January 10, 2016

fiber art grass

Light in Autumn Grasses

My work is made of cotton, water, pigments in suspension, organza, ink, threads, yarns, stones, and observation. Years of paying attention to the world and my chosen materials yields art that communicates the beauty, complexity and fragility of these elegant systems we walk in and through every day of our lives.

Rooted Earth

Rooted Earth

Water Dance

Water Dance



Sea Change

Sea Change

Earth's Waters

Earth’s Waters

Green Grass Light

Green Grass Light

Earth's Millions years of Rain

Earth’s Millions years of Rain

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Days are short Art is long

by Deborah on December 30, 2015


activity bannersplit top

I have been offering Julia Cameron’s  Artist’s Way as an Experiential for more than 5 winters. Each year remarkable things happen in class and out. We begin at 6 pm on a dark winter evening and end in the light of spring. There is play, there is exploration, there is support for the many small steps it takes to engage our creative natures. This fall students from year two collaborated  for their 1st show. Another pair are working towards their show which will open in late January. And that isn’t everyones goal. I’ve heard from artists who have made space in their homes and lives for self expression in everything from knitting to a single sketch a week. Paint, print, collage, write, dance, what do you want to let yourself do? What is keeping you from doing it? Come join us this winter something besides the light will change for you.

Here we are.

Winter in the Midwest.

snowy days

long evenings

to explore our creative urges. Start HERE Intro class with a project is Free Jan. 4, 6-8 pm 

class pictures

Find new skills and practices to enliven your Art Life here

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Light to Go To Casket Arts Holiday Show

by Deborah on November 29, 2015

 This saturday my work will hang in Vesper College Studio 101 Casket Arts Building 10 -6 pm

Casket Arts Building , 681 17th Avenue NE  for Holiday Marketplace; the Halls will be full of artists.

mixed media fiber art

Summer Light

Here we are in the short daylight part of the year

after the most beautiful summer and long mild autumn in many years.

I am currently hanging the work I created in those ideal conditions.

on the walls of Vesper  in studio 101 Casket arts Building Saturday 10-6 pm

My work always contains the work of light; it dances on the many surfaces I use to I create my  artwork, which are slices of place.

Works that are reflections of my experience of light in the natural world.

I hope you will come and experience what I’ve created.

And consider taking bit of light home with you.

fiber art grass

Light in Autumn Grasses













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Open Casket Event / Creative Harvest Time!

by Deborah on October 10, 2015

Open studio event @ Casket Arts Carriage House Friday Oct 16 3-9 pm  & Saturday Oct 17 10 am- 6 pm
Energy Dance.

Energy Dance.

1720 Madison Street NE 3rd floor gallery

There are new pieces in my Rooted To the Earth Series

I spent the summer painting, looking, reading, and absorbing beauty. Now I am assembling thoughts, materials, and feeling into exciting new work.

In the the earth cycles that are water and carbon I find elegance of forms, balance and grace. The life sustaining systems of soil and water are my inspiration.

This is what I express in my mixed media fiber pieces.

Please join me this weekend and celebrate the creative harvest.

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The State Fair Honorable Mention !

by Deborah on August 15, 2015

sun follows rain

Earth’s Waters

I began this piece last January as a collection of interesting papers and fabrics I had created.

I had them laying together on my work table. I knew they belonged together but I just couldn’t find the composition on the table so I pinned them to the wall in various configurations and wrote the words Earth’s Waters.

Then I went off to find out how and why we have the gift of water on this planet.

I found Geology and Astronomy articles including: “Earth’s Water Older Than the Sun”.

The gist is this:the big bang brings matter into the universe, like asteroids with the makings of water. There is a lot more chemistry and physics in the article but basically the expanding universe has stars lighting up and asteroids being caught in their gravitational pull.

Eventually,  our star  Sol lights up & pulls planets into orbits. One is a molten volcanic rock that will be the Earth.

There is a period called” the heavy bombardment” where water laden rocks that are older than our Sun hit the volcanic earth.

The water in those rocks is vaporized and hangs in the mess of gasses that will become our atmosphere.

The earth calms & cools and it begins to rain.

Million upon million years of  rain.

But finally there is a day or days when the sun breaches the clouds and shows to no one the Earth of stone, and water, sunlight and wind waiting for the next thing to happen.

Great shallow seas ready to birth abundant life.

This piece is a combination of the rain, the sun, the water draining to make coasts and seeking the cracks that will move it under ground.

A moment of great possibility but beautiful just as it is: clouds, rain, stone, and moving water.

The gift of life comes later.

Oh and it can be seen at the Great Minnesota State Fair  in the  Fine Arts Building.

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Season of transformation and inspiration.

by Deborah on May 11, 2015

After 8 years in my studio I’ve done a major clean clear and reconfiguration

to suit my evolving use of materials and techniques.

Fiber gets the biggest portion. A painting station, composing walls and table and a new sewing table.

The Fiber painting and construction walls

The fiber painting and construction 1/3 of the studio making water roots and sky…

Then there is my new drawing station . Lots of natural light I am between my two windows.

Drawings in the studio

Drawing table and the birds that showed up on it this winter and spring.

The classroom tables let me have a constant flow of creative energy flowing through the studio.

Classroom table

The classroom space in the NE corner of the studio. An abundance of energy.


The Framing corner lets me share yet another piece of my experience,

& finish my work with a sense of style.

Framing corner

Matting table, glass cutter, a few hardwood and metal frames, plus the occasional just right “found” frame

The natural world is my inspiration. I look for materials and techniques that mimic the way I experience nature.  This winter I stood by a running river at Christmas (in Iowa)

Cedar River Charles City Ia

Sun Light In Water

and an ocean (Mexico) in February and I have been reading about the source of Earth’s water. I have found fascinating geological and astral stories that have absolutely sparked my work. I hope you will stop by the Studio during next weekends’ Art A Whirl Open Studio Event and let me show you what Ive been working on.


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The Birds

by Deborah on April 5, 2015

Sage Grouse

Sage Grouse












I began drawing Grassland Birds in the new year when I heard a report on the radio about a Grouse in the west that is in serious decline. The funding for it’s habitat restoration was removed in a one sentence move in a 1600 page budget passed by Congress… while I was saying to my self “they did what?” The speaker went on to say many grassland birds populations are in decline, like the Meadow Lark. Shock to me. This is a common bird. What are we doing?

So that’s where I am.  Spreading the news: Common Birds are leaving. What then should we do?

I know we can have a positive effect once we pay attention. When I was a child it was uncommon to see an Eagle. Earth Day came from those paying attention to the fact we live in the world that is a set of interlocking beautiful complicated systems that we effect. We changed some of our pesticide practices, looked at habitat degradation and decided we could act, and I see Eagles by the river in the city where I live.

I’m looking for  people who have been noticing the decline of grassland birds for a while and figuring out how I can be of use.

I draw these common birds of my Midwestern childhood and extraordinary fellows like the Sage Grouse above and look for partners who care. Please come have a look at my Meadow Lark Wall on Earth Day! For details for the Earth Day Show click the bird below.

Meadow Lark Deborah Foutch

Meadow Lark


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