Thank You for a good year.

by Deborah on December 20, 2014

fabric water

The Water Under Ground

The Water Underground
My gift to you.
Thank you to all of you who have encouraged and supported my work as an artist. Happy Solstice! Click on the image to get a printable size.

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Celebrate light in the restful dark of winter.

by Deborah on December 2, 2014

The green world has gone quiet or moved indoors in our northern home.

Sun hiding in the plants

Sun hiding in the plants

It felt like the green world left us really suddenly in early November this year. I feel like this calls for ART! Please let me show you what I know about the joys of the green, gold, dancing in the sunlight world. Maybe there is a bit of sunny day,  liquid water, and light dancing in the grasses you’d like to stand in front of …  If you stop by my studio you will find bits of it all over my walls.

Summer  Grass Dancing
Summer Grass Dancing

Come celebrate

light in the restful dark of winter.

Thurs. Dec 4 2014 5-9 pm

#303 Casket Arts Carriage House

mixed media fiber drawing 6 x 10 on paper embellished with fabrics





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by Deborah on November 3, 2014

This weekend I hope you will join me at the Autumn Open studio event at  the Casket Arts Carriage House called Caché  Nov. 7, 5-10 pm Nov.8 12-8pm,& Nov.9, 12-5pm

red grasses and rooted earth
Autumn Earth

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The gift of working with artists

by Deborah on October 22, 2014

Last Saturday we held the reception for the WARM Mentor Program 2013-14 session culminating exhibition: Beyond The Surface at the Bottling House 79 13th Ave NE Minneapolis MN. ( the work will continue at that venue until Oct. 31 please stop in and see this wonderful show.)

I have been a practicing artist for over 30 years and in this session I served as a mentor to 2 wonderful artists.  I was honored to be included in the exploration they took part in as they refined their goals and aspirations.  One of the bedrocks of my long art practice is the knowledge that the fear & excitement of new challenges is easier with encouragement and peers.

bedrock detail


I have been finding my peers through WARM since 1978, and in this session was privileged to work with Cara Sophia Tollefson and Danielle Edstrom.

As artists we know what we need. Sometimes we can get stuck on thinking we don’t know how to do something or we are afraid to act on a desire or a dream. I believe the way past that is to engage our curiosity, trust the creative process, take some small concrete actions that supports our larger dreams, and accept encouragement from our selves and trusted others. I have stood many times on the edge between wanting and doing. And the message I have for others in that place is, there is joy in taking the 1st steps, and there is also fear. Try and attach to the joy, and let yourself see what happens. Do beginners work and really pay attention to what you love in the process you are undertaking. That will keep you moving farther and longer in the action of committing to your creative urges. Practicing in your medium will deepen and hone your skills. You will find what you already have and acquire a language for expressing it.

So, my philosophy of mentoring is to engage these keystones: Trust the artist, and the creative urges we all have. Share the excitement of new challenges. Commit to the encouragement and praise we all need for the brave action of taking risks. Be honest about what you see working or not working and together look for why and where things fall short. Share knowledge of skills with an ear and eye open to the possibility of stretching them further with a fresh perspective. Stay open to new ideas.

Next session is coming up so,come Meet The Mentor.

“Meet the Mentor” events will take place at the NE Bank Bldg, 77 Broadway St. NE, in their Community Room on:
Thursday, Oct 23 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm w/the last 1/2 hr or so at the gallery to talk to prospective protegees
Saturday, Oct 25 from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm w/the last 1/2 hr or so at the gallery to talk to prospective protegees

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The Water Underground

by Deborah on October 7, 2014

fabric water

It was recently on the news that there are these vast shallow aquifers

buried deep under places in the earth that are desserts.

Ancient water that is not part of the ground water cycles

we learned about in our 6th grade earth science class.

This water sank deeper, it seeped slower through small ways

until it came to rest in stone and clay deep in the earth.

And if we find a way to drill down to it to use it…

we  will need to leave 6000 years or more for it to recharge.

Can we just know it’s there ?

The water deep under ground,

and listen for the lesson in time?

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State Fair

by Deborah on August 20, 2014

This is a detail of my fiber mixed media piece that was awarded 1st place for Fiber Art at he 2014 Mn State Fair! At the end of the show it will go to a new home!!

mixed media fiber art

Soil Horizon (detail)

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1st Thurs. August 7 2014 Pop UP Play Stations

by Deborah on August 6, 2014


messy paintx3 The artists who teach out of the 3rd floor studio classrooms in  The Casket Arts Carriage House  are gathering on Thurs. evening to set up stations to play with art materials as a part of the NE Arts District Open Studio event held the 1st Thurs. of every month. I hope you will think about stopping by to join Deborah Foutch, Donna Webb, Kate Johnson, Karen Searle, Karen Wallach, Susan Farnham, and Doroth Mayer from 6:30 to 8:30 Thurs. evening (August 7) on the 3rd floor of Casket Arts Carriage House and have some free play time with art materials!

Painting, printing, knitting, drawing, collage, dip into mixed media

1720 Madison St NE Third Floor, Lots of free parking, air conditioned studios, chocolate and white wine, though playing with art materials should be enough…


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Water’s Edge

by Deborah on June 5, 2014

mixed media fiber landscape

The Water’s Edge







A place I love to stand.

I stand and remember what is happening at this edge.

Things are being held, things are being left, things are being swept on to a new place.

Rough things will be made smooth here given time.

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Holding the Soil

by Deborah on May 23, 2014

We Stand by the Water Holding The Soil (we being the grasses and trees) is the piece I just installed on the 4th floor of the Mother Baby Hospital Unit Between Abbott And Children’s Hospital In S Minneapolis MN

rolling land of grass and water and trees

Side panels are 42×28 the middle is 12 x56


I am standing by the new piece: We Stand By The Water Holding The Soil.

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March Crane Joy

by Deborah on March 11, 2014


Crane takes off

Crane Takes Off

Cranes are some of the oldest birds on the planet there is a fossil found in Nebraska that is 10 million years old. It is identical to the birds that currently fly through that corridor on the way to their nesting grounds in Canada and Alaska.  A couple of years ago in March when I wanted to change the energy in my studio I did a series of large drawings of cranes, birds with such graceful lines that they seem to sing.  It had been a  longggg winter. An entry in my journal for the middle of that month was simply:” melt… melt.. melt…”  So I took my roll of beautiful blue paper and taped it to the wall in as many big pieces as I could make. I got 8 out of the roll with 26 x48 as the average. Then I projected the small pencil sketches of cranes I had been composing and let the lines sing to me as I got out my oil pastels and refined the while pencil lines that became my drawings. The energy changed! How could it not? with a flock of cranes dancing on my walls. Of the Original 8 I still have three including the one posted here. If you would like to see them they will be hung at my show that Opens on March 23 at the gallery of the Plymouth Congregational Church in south Minneapolis.  Come witness a little crane joy.

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